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Bluestem Fiber was founded to make sure that everyone has access to the information and entertainment driving the world. We are powered by Corning, a company with a long history of innovation, to bring low-loss optical fiber connectivity technology to your community.

Firespring Merges IT Business with Bluestem Fiber

Firespring has merged its managed IT services business with Bluestem Fiber, a Lincoln-based startup that provides high-speed fiber internet service. The resulting business will be called Bluestem IT, a division of Bluestem Fiber. The transaction also makes Firespring one of the primary shareholders in Bluestem Fiber along with founders Greg Dynek and Aaron Whyrick.

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Our Mission
Bluestem Fiber was established to deliver the gigabit connectivity that homes and businesses need, at a price they can afford.

We assembled a team of local industry leaders and are working hand in hand with public partners to build the network that is needed – faster internet that’s accessible to everyone.

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